Q-How do I drive to the Hi-Tech Ortho Lab?
A-We are located in the City of Provo in Utah County, Utah.  A map is provided at the bottom of this page.
Some of our clients reach the building with no problem, but have trouble finding our office. There is an Employee entrance on the WEST side of the building.  Come in that door, and then down the stairs, we are in the second door on the left.

Below are videos of the exact location


Q- I have a specific design I like to use for my appliance that is not included in your list of products and services, can you make it?
A- We are more than willing to work with you to accommodate your specific needs.

Q- Can I send my own stickers and inlays?
A- Yes, we will do our best to include a provided sticker in your appliance providing it will fit. You can also send the web address (URL) of the picture that you wish to use.

Q- What is the ideal size for a custom sticker?
A- About a size of a dime.

Q- Why wasn't my sticker or design provided with my appliance?
A- Springs and Screws may impact our ability to include a sticker or inlay.

General Questions

Q- What is the difference between a B&L (Band and Loop Appliance) and an LHA (Lower Holding Arch)? 
A- The Band and loop is a UNILATERAL Space Maintainer, used to hold a space for one, sometimes two teeth, by placing a band on an existing tooth, usually a molar, then soldering a loop of .028 wire, which abuts up against another existing tooth, usually a cuspid, to hold the space for a missing tooth. This is generally what we refer to as a Space maintainer. An LHA is a Lingual Holding Arch, or Lower Holding Arch. It generally has bands on the molars and forms an arch along the lingual side of the teeth. While it is sometimes referred to as a BILATERAL Space Maintainer, we try to avoid calling it a space maintainer to avoid confusion with the Band and Loop."

Q- What is your standard turnaround time?
A- Standard services generally require 3-5 business days, however, we can accommodate your needs as necessary.

Q- Do you offer a same-day service?
A- Yes*
* Same-day service requires advanced notice (typically 2-days in advance). Orders can either be picked up, or delivered within Utah County.
How do I package a mold for shipping?
Please package in a small box with bubble wrap or paper.

A-We pride ourselves on being service oriented toward our doctors. We offer FREE pickup and delivery service within Utah Valley, and we pay 2-way shipping outside our regular service area.

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